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Pulse Veterinary Clinic

Pulse Veterinary Clinic is a private, small animal veterinary clinic which is primarily focused on sterilisation surgery and preventative medicine.

Having won the Minara Chamber of Commerce “Businesswoman of the Year 2018” award, Dr N Khan founded a new company in October 2018 and launched Pulse Veterinary Clinic.

The Pulse Veterinary Clinic business model strategically focuses on a niche bundle of services which targets responsible pet ownership via primary animal healthcare. Dr Khan envisions a company with potential for diversification within spheres of animal & human health (one health), animal welfare, products, merchandising, education, veterinary skills training and more.

"I firmly belive that pets are an integral part of any family."

Prior to co-owning a veterinary clinic from 03/2016 - 09/2018, Dr Khan had been working for a government-funded project, Outreach KZN. It was there, between 03/2013 - 02/2016 where she initially nurtured her surgical & managerial skills. The mandate of this project was sterilisation and vaccination of dogs and cats in rural communities.

Upon conclusion of the project, it was deemed beneficial to carry through the principles of the project into the private sector. From this point on, the focus shifted to offering veterinary services to private clients as well as Welfare Organisations, which are especially in need of assistance with controlling animal population numbers in low-income areas.

Our Team

Professional, compassionate and fun!

Our reliable team strives to perform at our highest level of competence, taking pride in what we do. We address colleagues and clients in a respectful manner, upholding honesty at all times and will make a conscious effort to listen.

The nature of our work is encompassed by care and empathy for the animals and clients we deal with and each case is treated with dignity. We also strive to work with energy and enthusiasm to create a harmonious environment.

Thandazile Mathonsi


Our friendly Thanda will receive your phone calls during office hours and be the first to meet and greet you at reception. She will keep you updated on the progress of your pet. Thanda is well equipped to address most of your queries and discharge your fur-babies should Dr Khan be unavailable to do so while in theatre.

Nondumiso Ndlovu

Clinic Assistant

Nondu is a compassionate young lady who spends majority of her work day providing supportive care for the animals in our practice. Together with Tshepo, she is also responsible for the immaculate appearance of the clinic thanks to their daily cleaning routine.

Tsepho Moteoli

Animal Handler

This young man handles the animals in the practice with a gentle demeanour. His patience and kindness toward creatures great and small is evidenced by their affinity for him. Together with Nondu, he is also responsible for the immaculate appearance of the clinic thanks to their daily cleaning routine.

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